A balance between extremes and nuances.

For Stéphanie it is mostly all about equilibrium. As a young child she spent hours riding horses where she constantly had to find her balance, her legs being no longer than the saddle. Years later, once taller and more free, when surf became an important part of her life, whether in the Caribbean, Barcelona or elsewhere in the world, she has always had to find that same balance. That exact spot on the board that allows one to slide on the wave. Then came painting, in London and Biarritz where she creates and shows her work. Whether she works on Surf Art or Portraits, her main goal remains finding the balance which makes that accuracy.

Surf Art

Stéphanie captures entirely the Surf. By using bright and intense colours, she reveals the intensity of the sport. Like gushes, with energy and vitality. With fine black and white traits, Stéphanie expresses another kind of power. Bio-tone to depict the time-lapse of the wave. Her traits suspend the vibrancy of surf. She reveals its elegance, purity and deepness. She always aims to balance extremes and nuances.


Getting a portrait right is like dancing on a razor’s edge. Balance again. Fidelity and appropriation. Preciseness of traits and uniqueness of appreciation. Through the intensity of the colours and contrasts which define her style, Stephanie captures what defines the self. Traits, shapes, colours, a way of standing, being. Way beyond the intangibles that make who we are.


Stéphanie Leblanc Hervy is a French artist. After a career in advertising and marketing, she follows short courses in prestigious universities in Barcelona and London. Her work is predominantly about surf, a sport she’s been practicing for years. She shares her time between London and Biarritz where she exhibits her work.